Monthly Archives December 2019

My “why”

Whether we’re talking about personal or performance goals, we all need to remind ourselves why we started and why we keep trying – “When everything around you starts falling apart, when things seem hopeless, and you can’t see the light, remember why you started. Remember the tears of happiness when you were on the world podium, singing the national anthem with your team. Remember the way you felt hugging your coach at the end of a race. Remember the mid-run talks, unlimited amounts of post-race cake, how proud your grandma was when you told her about your win. Remember why you love this so much.”

Letters to the lost

There are story we wish we’d never tell, unhealed wounds and unanswered questions. We all have them. This is mine – “I want to tell you that I forgive you. I forgive you for never seeing me graduate and never holding my hand again. I forgive you for not being here for me to hug you at least fifty times a day and for not drinking mom’s coffee anymore. I forgive you for not being here to hear about my crazy ideas and not planning your afternoon nap just so that you could be awake when I come back from school and sit with me while I eat and tell me about your day. I forgive you for breaking my heart.”